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Looter Captured by Police Reveals Motive - and it Has Nothing to Do with George Floyd

A man who was apprehended by police in Los Angeles on Sunday for looting a business revealed his motive and the motive of other looters — and it has nothing to do with the tragic death of George Floyd.

Dramatic footage showed Los Angeles police chase the looter, who was fleeing on foot after just escaping a looted New Balance store. The looter then surrenders to police and he is taken into custody.

As the unidentified man is sitting on the sidewalk in handcuffs, presumably waiting for his transportation to jail, KTTV-TV reporter Bill Melugin interviewed the looter.

The reporter asked, "Alright man, we saw you at the New Balance store. Why are you out here?"

"Uh, man, period, point blank. Just like all my real ones tryna do, just tryna get some monies," the looter replied. "There ain't no explanation. That's it."

When asked if his actions were related to the George Floyd protests, the looter was very candid.

"I mean, a little bit to do with that, too, you feel me? But not really. I am out here for the dough," the arrested man told the reporter.

Looting has various penalties in California, depending on the type of looting, misdemeanor or felonious, and by what manner it occurred: via burglary, petty theft, or grand theft.

The criminal sentence for looting ranges from 90 days in the cases of petty theft to up to three years in the cases of felonious looting.

Author: Chris Enloe

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