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Media Hiding Fact That Driver Responsible for Killing Protester on Highway Was Black

'Saying that the driver was black doesn't fit the narrative, so they went for luxury car.'

ABC News was harshly criticized Sunday for whitewashing the story of a Black Lives Matter protester, 24-year-old Summer Taylor, who was killed while demonstrating on a Seattle highway over the weekend.

ABC News reported, "A young protester has died from injuries she suffered when a luxury car plowed into her and another woman during a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday on a Seattle freeway that has been shut down for days due to the civil unrest, police said."

The story was reminiscent of when a white nationalist plowed into a crowd of demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, killing Heather Heyer.

Except that's not what happened on Seattle's I-5 highway late Saturday. The reported driver of the "luxury car" was Dawit Kelete, a black man.

ABC News was subsequently bashed on social media for excluding the key detail about the driver to instead claim his car was responsible for striking the demonstrators.

  • Greg Gutfeld said, "'luxury car.' you know they discussed how to adjust this narrative when it didn't fit the game plan. Our media is irredeemably evil. and every time i see evidence of it, it's like i'm discovering it for the first time.

  • "Saying that the driver was black doesn't fit the narrative, so they went for luxury car. If he can't be judged evil because of his race, they make it about class," another person said.

  • "'Luxury car' lmao. Black driver doesn't quite fit huh?" another person responded.

  • "If the roles were reversed, @ABC headline would read 'Racist white man deliberately plows down 2 peaceful BLM protesters, who were just singing and dancing'. We know that, because that is exactly what they do," another commenter noted.

  • "Why does ABC think it's unthinkable that a black man would be driving a Jaguar?" another person responded.

  • "Apparently black people are only defended when it fits the narrative. Now they're trying to pretend the guy is rich so he must be evil obviously," another person said.

As TheBlaze reported, Kelete was apprehended a short time after striking Taylor and another demonstrator. He was booked in the King County Jail on two charges of vehicular assault.

He was, in fact, driving a Jaguar, which is widely seen as a luxury car.

Author: Chris Enloe


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