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Media Silent As Troubling New Details Emerge about Coors Mass Shooter

Earlier this week a former MillerCoors and Molson Coors employee walked into the company's brewery complex and shot five innocent people dead before taking his own life.

The middle-aged shooter, Anthony Ferrill, naturally received some media attention. But in comparison to other mass shooters of the last few years, the mainstream media didn't pick him apart and dive into his past.

Well, perhaps now we know why.

New details have emerged about Ferrill, and let's just say he doesn't fit into the typical narrative box that the leftist media likes to stuff mass shooters into.

First, the shooter was a 51-year-old African-American man.

Second, photos and social media posts from his family have been uncovered that show their liberal political leanings.

The shooter's wife was pictured in a photo at one of Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign rallies in 2019. His wife even took a photo with Warren at the event.

But there's more, from Heavy:

On her various social media pages, which have now been deleted, Ferrill’s wife posted photos of her family and expressing liberal political views. In July 2019, Ferrill’s wife attended a speech by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren at South Division High School Gym in Milwaukee. Following the speech, Ferrill’s wife took a photo with the Massachusetts senator.

Another detail that may reveal why this story hasn't gotten much attention from the mainstream media: According to his neighbors, Ferrill built his own guns. We don't know yet if he used one of those guns in the massacre, but the idea alone of somebody making their own guns undercuts the left's gun control argument.

Bottom line, the story just didn't check enough boxes for the left. And as a result it hasn't gotten nearly the attention as other mass shootings. But as we know this is typical of the left. If the facts don't fit their agenda, the story always seem to quickly disappear.


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