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More Hunter Biden Related Emails Revealed, Show Dangerously Corrupt Relationship With China

More emails involving Hunter Biden and the administration his father served in under Barack Obama have been revealed. This time, though, they are unconnected to the laptop that was left at a computer repair shop in 2019. That story has been in the headlines for days now, with a major offshoot of it being that the social media giants have sought to outright censor it.

This time around, the emails come from a former Hunter Biden business associate. Per Breitbart, who has the exclusive story and is providing the copies of the emails for any doubters, these associates traded on Hunter’s connections to secure meetings with White House officials for Chinese representatives.

For instance, on November 5, 2011, one of Archer’s business contacts forwarded him an email teasing an opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by helping to arrange White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials. The group was the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and the delegation included Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party loyalists, and at least one “respected diplomat” from Beijing. Despite its benign name, CEC has been called “a second foreign ministry” for the People’s Republic of China—a communist government that closely controls most businesses in its country. CEC was established in 2006 by a group of businessmen and Chinese government diplomats. “I know it is political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,” an intermediary named Mohamed A. Khashoggi wrote on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. “A tour of the white house and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great,” Khashoggi said before including what should have been a major red flag: “Not sure if one has to be registered to do this.” Presumably, Khashoggi meant a registered lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Khashoggi believed the trip presented “a soft diplomacy play that could be very effective” and would give Hunter Biden’s business partners “good access to [the Chinese] for any deal in the future.”

To this point, Hunter Biden is somewhat disconnected in that he’s not directly negotiating with the Chinese, but it’s made clear in later communications, as you’ll see in this next excerpt, that Hunter’s associates were working on his behalf. Hunter was the focal point here as the one who could use his influence to set up the meetings.

Before contacting Hunter Biden’s associates, the CEC had been trying to get meetings with top Obama-Biden administration officials to no avail. “From the DC side as you will see below they [CEC] have written letters to several members of the administration and others and have so far not had a strong reaction.” “This is China Inc,” wrote Khashoggi in the email, referring to the delegation of Chinese billionaires. “Biggest priority for the CEC group is to see the White House, and have a senior US politician, or senior member of Obama’s administration, give them a tour… If your friend in DC can help, we would be extremely grateful,” Khashoggi emphasized. Hunter Biden and Devon Archer apparently delivered for the Chinese Communist Party-connected industrial elites within ten days.

Per the report, these meetings did take place. That was confirmed via White House visitor logs.

Of course, the culmination of all this would come some years later when Hunter Biden and Devon Archer (the business associate involved in the above emails) would form a private equity firm and rake in sacks of cash from Chinese sources.

It is clear that there was a long history of Hunter Biden using his father’s influence to make money overseas via some very shady dealings. This is the real issue for Joe Biden. While the Ukraine stuff with Burisma was bad enough, the dealings with China are much more dangerous. They continue a pattern of Joe Biden and his family being completely subservient to the CCP. There had to be a reason why the former VP has so often shilled for the Chinese communists over his career. These possible financial dealings connect a lot of dots. The real question left is whether Joe Biden was benefiting directly from all this or whether he just knew about it and played into it.

What’s for sure is that the excuse that he was unaware has been completely blown out of the water over the last three days. Joe Biden knew what his son was doing. He even had his son on government airplanes with him when some of these dealings went down. The stench of corruption is overwhelming.

Unfortunately, this will be ignored like all the rest. No mainstream media outlet will ask Joe Biden any questions on this front, nor will any of the debate moderators broach the subject. You can expect Trump to bring it up again at the final debate, but I suspect he’ll quickly be shouted down. Regardless, none of this is going away, no matter who wins in November.

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Author: Bonchie


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