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Multi-Millionaire Pelosi Shows Off Freezer Full Of Gourmet Ice Cream As 1000's Line Up At Food Banks

Talk about tone deaf.

As people all over the country stand in long food bank lines just to get by, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is boasting about her very expensive refrigerators stocked full of very expensive gourmet ice cream.

Pelosi made the outrageous comments during an appearance on a late-night CBS show. During the interview Pelosi showed off her luxurious home, multiple $25,000 refrigerators, and her stock of $13/tub gourmet ice creams.

And yet she claims to fully understands Americans struggling during the pandemic.

Yes, really.

You probably recall recently that Pelosi has relentlessly attacked Trump for "not caring" about the working people during this pandemic.

Then she goes and makes this video. Take a look for yourself:

Pelosi goes on to claim during the interview that she does know what she'd be able to do right now if ice cream were not invented.

Here's an idea... how about focus on helping Americans in need during this pandemic?

How out of touch can this woman be?

The vast majority of Americans are surviving on the bare minimums right now, hardly going to the grocery store while waiting for their stimulus checks so they can pay rent.

Then you have Pelosi over here showing off her crazy expensive kitchen and laughing about how many tubs of $13 ice cream she has.

That should tell you everything you need to know about this woman.


Sherwood Maxwell
Sherwood Maxwell

She is out of touch with reality

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