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Must See: Trump Gets Ovation at Army-Navy Game, Crowd Erupts with Cheers and Chants of 'USA! USA!'

By Chris Donaldson

Despite wall-to-wall media lies to the contrary, America loves President Trump and when he showed up for the coin toss at Saturday's annual Army-Navy game, he received a big welcome from those in attendance.

In this bizarre college football season of canceled games due to coronavirus hysteria, the crowds allowed in stadium seats have been severely limited but you'd never know it from the reception that the leader of the free world received today.

Those in attendance for the 121st edition of the time-honored classic will forever cherish the memory of seeing perhaps the most pro-military president in American history toss the coin in what could be his final visit to the game as commander in chief.

President Trump walked onto the field to cheering and chants of USA! USA! USA! on a dreary December day at Michie Stadium in West Point.

The POTUS then participated in the coin toss won by the Navy Midshipmen who chose to defer their option to the second half and kick the ball to Army.

Via Fox News, "Trump cheered ahead of coin toss at Army-Navy game":

President Trump received cheers from the small crowd at the Army-Navy game Saturday afternoon as he made an appearance before kickoff. Trump was greeted in the end zone by Army and Navy officers, and was led to midfield. The cadets in the stands gave the president some applause as he walked out. The president participated in the coin toss as he has previously in the traditional rivalry game. Army was hosting Navy at West Point, N.Y., for the first time in 77 years due to coronavirus restrictions in Pennsylvania, where the game is usually held. “We are excited we are able to play this game here for only the fourth time in history,” Army coach Jeff Monken said. “The state of our world right now has forced the game away from Philadelphia. It will be special to play it here. It will be very nostalgic and really a great piece in the history of this rivalry.” No fans will be allowed at the game. But the entire Brigade of Midshipmen and Corps of Cadets were at Michie Stadium.

This year's game was forced to move out of Philadelphia where it has been played at Lincoln Financial Field due to the draconian restrictions imposed by Pennsylvania's Democrat governor Tom Wolf who just locked his suffering citizens and businesses down for Christmas.

Earlier on Saturday, President Trump was also cheered when he flew over the crowd that was gathered in Washington for a large rally to protest the theft of the election.

Predictably, the diaper dumpers on Twitter were triggered.

Today's appearance marks President Trump's fourth at that the annual contest between the service academies, the anti-military Barack Obama only went once.

Democrat Harry Truman holds the record with seven straight appearances, but after Trump was sucker-punched by the three justices that he put on the Supreme Court on Friday, it looks like that record is going to continue to stand.

Navy leads the series 61–52–7 and snapped a three-year losing skid in 2019 when they crushed their rivals 31-7.

Author: Chris Donaldson

Source: Trending Politics: MUST SEE: President Trump Receives Rousing Welcome At Army-Navy Game

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