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New details raise additional questions about attack on Paul Pelosi

A series of alarming details have emerged following the police investigation into an attack on Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, at their San Francisco home while she was in Washington.

Among them was that Paul Pelosi, apparently calm, "never let on to responding officers that he was in distress just seconds before he walked back into his house where an intruder bludgeoned him with a hammer."

The details are emerging in a report from the Daily Mail, which cited NBC.

Police already have identified and charged the intruder, David DePape, 42, a onetime nudism advocate and BLM supporter who was known by associates as diving into various conspiracy theories.

Earlier reports said DePape wanted Nancy Pelosi as a hostage, or to break her kneecaps.

After posting the report, NBC abruptly removed it, citing its "standards."

"Instead of telling officers that he needed help, or trying to flee the home, Pelosi calmly greeted them and then retreated several feet back into the foyer where police saw DePape strike him with a hammer, police sources close to the investigation told NBC News," the publication reported.

"It's not clear if Pelosi was already injured or what his mental state when he walked several feet back into the house, away from police," the report said. "But according to the the San Francisco police report, both Pelosi and the intruder each had a hand on the hammer when officers responded to the home, which they reportedly were struggling over as police yelled, 'drop the hammer!'"

Paul Pelosi was hospitalized for several days, then released.

The report also suggested, according to sources, "that responding officers were seemingly unaware that it was the home of Nancy Pelosi, who has a security detail and was in Washington, D.C. at the time of the attack."

Apparently DePape broke into the home calling "Where's Nancy," and when he was told by Paul Pelosi she wasn't in, he said he'd wait.

Somehow Paul Pelosi got into a bathroom, from where he called 911. A short time later he was letting police in through the front door.

The Daily Mail described what reportedly happened:

When Officers Kolby Wilmes and Kyle Cagney responded to the residence and rang the doorbell, DePape reportedly told Pelosi not to open the door, but he did anyway using his left hand. Pelosi and DePape stood in the dimly lit foyer and faced the officers as Pelosi calmly greeted them, the report said. When one of the officers asked what was going on, DePape said, "everything's good" and pulled his hands toward his body. When an officer turned on his flashlight, DePape could be seen holding the bottom handle of the hammer with one hand and Pelosi's right arm with the other. Pelosi's right hand was also on the handle of the hammer. When an officer ordered for the men to "drop the hammer," DePape raised the hammer and said, "um, nope" as he tried to pull it away from Pelosi who exclaimed "hey, hey!" DePape then gained control of it and struck Pelosi's head, which knocked Pelosi unconscious.

DePape faces a number of charges and Capitol Police in Washington said they are reviewing their security procedures.

WND has reported that despite the conflicting reports and unanswered questions, Joe Biden and other Democrat leaders are using the assault to try to rally midterm election voters to their agenda which mostly consists of abortion and transgenderism.

They also are characterizing Republicans as Nazis and claiming voters that a vote against Democrats is a vote against democracy.

DePape is an illegal alien from Canada who was a member of the far-left Green Party and lives in a dilapidated bus on the Berkeley, California, property of "nudist drug abusers" who support Black Lives Matter and purportedly of late was circulating QAnon conspiracies.

Author: Bob Unruh

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