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New federal crime proposed: Whites criticizing minorities

A Democrat in Congress is proposing that the government create a new federal crime.

That would be if any white criticizes a minority. described the plan that has been submitted by Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who was described as being "long in the running for being the vapidest member of Congress."

Her plan, the report explained, "could make political criticism by white people against minorities a federal crime."

"In what can only be called a convoluted mess, the bill proposes that a white person who 'vilifies' any non-white person and has their words end up on social media, accessible by 'persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime,' would themselves be committing a federal crime," the report explained.

Sheila Jackson Lee (Video screenshot)

Her plan criminalizes "conspiracy to commit white supremacy," and that would include "criticism of non-white people that influences (such as something published or said online) someone who commits a hate crime,'" the report said.

The report suggested, "If I post on social media that Sheila Jackson Lee is an incredibly ignorant, abusive person who has a long history of treating her staff like dirt, does that mean I’ve 'vilified' her under this proposed law? It would certainly seem so."

The report explained, "Then there’s the conspiracy angle to deal with. It does not appear that there’s actually any requirement that the 'two or more persons' targeted under this statute have any real connection to one another. If someone commits a 'white supremacy-inspired hate crime' against a person and I’ve likewise been politically criticizing that same person on social media, even justifiably, I would have now committed a federal crime myself."

Her plan appears to be a "blatant breach of the First Amendment."

But it also "exposes a wild totalitarian desire by Lee and those who think like her," the report said.

Author: Bob Unruh

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Jeff Baxter
Jeff Baxter
Jan 17, 2023

Said the dummy with the names of 2 WHITE southern generals to lug around.

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