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Nurse Goes Rogue, Schools CNN Host on Trump's Excellent Response to COVID

CNN doesn’t necessarily seem as if it read the room before the network has certain guests on.

Take Michele Morrow, a nurse from North Carolina. She’s been in the profession for over a quarter of a century. She attended a reopening protest in Raleigh in April, criticizing on video the stringency of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s lockdown measures.

Morrow, who voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 and plans to do so again this year, was part of a CNN panel of voters this past week having a socially distanced discussion about the 2020 election in typically contentious fashion.

She managed to go viral, however, after her response was picked up by the Republican National Committee:

“I’m a nurse, and I’ve been a nurse for 27 years. And the response to the pandemic has actually been President Trump’s greatest achievement,” Morrow said during her appearance Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“He was the one who closed off all travel at the beginning of February. Do you guys remember what was happening in January? There were no other elected officials that were even thinking about COVID, because they were busy doing their impeachment.

“Joe Biden, he was the vice president for eight years, so why didn’t they prepare for a pandemic?” she added.

The look on “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota’s face right after Morrow mentioned impeachment is absolutely priceless. Really, the clip could have just been that and it would have gotten as many likes.

Morrow wasn’t the only Trump-supporting medical professional on the panel for the segment, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I’m also a … medical information administrator, worked in hospitals for 25 years,” Jill Rahrig said.

“And I think President Trump actually has done a pretty good job. I’m impressed. I’m impressed with how he has garnered the help of the private sector to help get a vaccine going, bringing the [personal protective equipment] in. Developing new ventilators. It’s all been good.”

Morrow got some love on Twitter for the appearance:

As of Saturday morning, Dan Bongino’s retweet had over 38,000 likes, and RNC rapid response director Steve Guest’s video had nearly 15,000. As I said at the top, perhaps CNN should have read the room.

It’s worth noting that the basic line from CNN is that we should listen to the experts.

These, I think you’d agree, are experts.

This doesn’t mean that they know the intricacies of public policy, epidemiology or economics, but they’re on the ground and can judge the efficacy of Trump’s response firsthand.

And as for the point about impeachment, you can tell why that fazed Camerota.

I don’t think that any government could have been prepared for the coronavirus, but one way to ensure maximum division when the virus found us would be to pursue a politically motivated impeachment — rushed through the lower house of Congress in truncated fashion so as to make for better TV — then insist the other party absolved a guilty man.

There’s few voices to challenge what CNN sees as the bedrock truths that Trump is vulgar and incompetent, both in his COVID-19 response and everything else.

In the rare instance where you hear a balancing voice who speaks from authority and praises Trump for his handling of the pandemic, they’re on a panel of voters.


On CNN, this is one of the few ways you can go rogue.


Sep 08, 2020

Add to that, that they must be deaf as well because there are actually 2 groups walking down that path, and the group on the right is perpetually conjoined to the group on the left that is blind, and as I added, deaf have the group on the right yelling at them, "stop there's a cliff ahead, your gonna kill us all!", yet they continue.

One thing I can say.....leftists are master manipulators.


Sep 08, 2020

They, host on CNN, LSDNBC, NBC, far left Democrats in general, and add "Never Trumpers" to the group, have to be spiritually blinded. What other answer can their be to how there is so much evidence out there that blows their ideology out of the water, and exposed the distortions and complete made-up nonsense that pours out, yet they don't see it? Blindness right? If I see people continue towards a cliff when a continuous row of signs say, "cliff ahead, turn around!", the only logical conclusion is that they are blind.

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