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Oscar Winner Jon Voight Enrages Leftists with Viral Trump Video

Oscar winner Jon Voight is not afraid to tell Americans how it is.

Voight has been a firm supporter of Trump throughout his presidency. In fact, in May of last year he said Trump is the "greatest President since Abraham Lincoln."

The leftist Hollywood elite are naturally infuriated by Voight's sound reasoning and his refusal to blindly follow their twisted liberal ideologies.

Well on Monday Voight dropped a new video on Twitter that is shaking Democrats to their core.

The video has since gone viral. In the clip Voight drops some serious truth bombs about Trump and how he'll be Keeping America Great in 2020 and beyond.

This is incredible, take a look for yourself:

More from Western Journal:

In a tweeted video on Monday, Voight predicted the president and God would be keeping America great — and that would mean winning in November.
“There is no better man to take this country to its highest call of God. There is only one man. This is our president of the United States of America, Donald Trump,” Voight said in the video.
Voight pointed out that the last four years had been good for the country, and predicted the next four would be better.
“No man will take this to the heights he has,” Voight predicted.
He called on Americans “to take this pledge with me: Let us all vote for our president to win this battle, and with this win, he and the Almighty will make America great once again.”

Bravo, bravo.

Hollywood could certainly use more people like Jon Voight.

Let's spread this video everywhere as we all know the media and big tech giants will do whatever they can to squash it.


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