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Oscars Ratings Nosedive 20 Percent to All-Time Low

The buffoons in Hollywood have managed to shoot themselves in the foot once again.

Ratings for Sunday night's 2020 Oscar ceremony collapsed by double digits to hit an all-time low.

Will they finally figure out that shoving their twisted political agendas down Americans throats isn't a good idea?

Here's more from Breitbart:

Last year, the Oscars earned 29.6 million viewers, a bit of an increase over the 2018’s disastrous 26.5 million, which was also the previous record holder for all-time low Oscar ratings.
This Sunday, only 23.6 million tuned in. That’s a jaw-dropping 20 percent dive over last year, and an 11 percent dive from the previous all-time low.
What a failure…
Gee, I wonder what excuse the sycophant entertainment outlets will come up with this time?

Sunday nights Oscars was basically a big troll of us 'Trumptards.' But little did they know, the joke is on them.

Millions of Americans, myself included, refused to tune in to watch the woke awards show. Why? Because we knew it would be exactly what it was. A bunch of privileged Hollywood elites lecturing Americans on politics.

Here's to hoping next year they'll come to their senses (although I'm not counting on it).

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