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Pelosi Stutters, Twitches Face, Forgets Calif. Gov's Name When CNN Host Presses Her

CNN host Jake Tapper caught ol' Nancy off guard during a recent interview, and decided to actually ask her some legitimate questions for once.

Pelosi's response couldn't have been more humiliating as she stuttered, twitched, suffered multiple brain-freezes, and even seemed to forget the Governor of California's name.


What's wrong with Nancy? And why is she so angry?

Did her fancy $13/tub gourmet ice cream melt?

She doesn't seem to be winning much lately, and she knows it. The American people see right through her and she doesn't like that. Even her fellow Democrats, including NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, know Pelosi is losing on multiple fronts and making herself look like a complete fool.

You'd think the Democrats could find a House Speaker who is better at... speaking?

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The entire American population, those with BRAINS, see the stupidity of these so called democrats. About as stupid as stupid is. VOTE TRUMP 2020!

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