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Pelosi Suffers Serious Brain Spasm, Stutters & Malfunctions for 10 Seconds Straight

Pelosi just suffered what many are calling one of her worst brain spasms yet.

The House Speaker literally stuttered and malfunctioned for 10 seconds straight during a presser on Thursday.

It happened while Pelosi was reading from a letter she sent President Trump in which she was whining about the presence of military on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The military was only there because violent left-wing thugs started fires, defaced memorials and destroyed property.

But Pelosi doesn't care about that, she just wants the military off the steps of the Lincoln Memorial so rioters can continue to drive this country into disarray.

Here's the humiliating clip of Pelosi:

How is this woman Speaker of the House?

Pelosi has proven it time and again. She doesn't actually care about the well-being of our nation or its citizens. Her only mission right now is to use anything she can to potentially weaken Trump's chances of getting re-elected.

Unfortunately for her, come November she will realize it was all for nothing when Trump is re-elected for the 4 more years he deserves.

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Dana Aptt
Dana Aptt
14 jun 2020

Joy Behar is a vile person full of hate, the companies that support her program should see a Boycott of their products. To support her they are no better than she is and that's pretty bad. This country now more than ever shouldn't have to be subjected to such hate.

Me gusta

Bob Menefee
Bob Menefee
06 jun 2020

Cheap booze will cause some to spit slobber speak stupid and lose full consatration. I’ve seen this from drunks and booze hogs. She isn’t really fit for the position she now holds. Her useful Time, were she to of had any except for fund raising is long gone. Now she is a fool the big boys are pushing for the fact she is Devilrat and a female is all.

Me gusta
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