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Pope Francis Removes Cross from Event in Malta So Not to Upset Illegal Muslim Migrants

By Joe Hoft

Pope Francis didn’t want to upset illegal Muslim migrants in Malta so he removed the cross from his venue on the island. Instead, the Pope sat in front of thousands of empty plastic bottles to discuss protecting the ecology and migrants.

The Free Republic reported on Monday on the Pope’s recent visit to Malta.

Organizers canceled the crucifix from the papal podium because Pope Francis did not want to offend illegal Muslim migrants during the climax of his Malta trip. Instead, recycled plastic bottles with red blobs were used to design the backdrop for the pope’s address to migrants at the John XXIII Peace Lab in Ħal-Far on Saturday, a voluntary organization run by leftist Franciscan friar Fr. Dionysius Mintoff. “When you look deeper, you will see that the sea is made of recycled plastic bottles, because there is more plastic than fish in our sea. And the red blobs are life jackets — the lives of people lost at sea,” artistic director Carlo Schembri explained. Schembri, who was commissioned to design the key backdrops for the papal visit to Malta, insisted he was being faithful to Francis’ primary reason for visiting the island — to defend migrants and the ecology. “The podium will not be adorned with a crucifix, given that the majority of migrants are Muslim,” the Malta archdiocese noted, in an article published on its website, adding that “the pontiff’s visit is expected to draw attention to the brutal situation of Malta’s migrant community.”

Removing the crucifix from his presentation in Malta isn’t the first action where the current Pope was criticized for his actions. The Pope called Joe Biden a good Catholic after years of Biden pushing for abortion. Biden also is involved in the stolen 2020 Election and the destruction of the freest country in the world. These moves don’t appear to be good at all.

The Pope is also referred to as “Red Pope”. This is because of his support for communism or socialism. The Pope was known for this and is certainly no Pope John Paul II who lived under communist Russia. Pope Francis reportedly claimed capitalism causes starvation. Comments like this don’t go over well with Americans and others who have been able to give billions around the world to starving people due in part, to capitalism.

Author: Joe Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Pope Francis Removes Cross from Event in Malta So Not to Upset Illegal Muslim Migrants

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