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Prayer Breaks Out After Trump Makes Unexpected Stop at South Carolina Burger Shop

Whatever it is that you may think of former President Donald Trump, you can’t argue that the man didn’t put faith and prayer at the forefront.

In fact, despite their currently frayed relationship, former Vice President Mike Pence and Trump actually helped spearhead something of a spiritual renaissance during the heyday of the Trump administration.

And when Trump visited a burger and ice cream spot called Zesto in West Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday, America was reminded of this.

Here is one viral video of Trump’s visit:

In the clip, you can see the awestruck employees and patrons clamoring, while one brave employee asked Trump if she could pray with him.

Trump, unsurprisingly, acquiesced to the request, and the two of the shared a moment of prayer right in the middle of Zesto.

WRCB also captured a video from a different angle (though this didn’t appear to include the prayer) and made note that Trump ordered a chocolate dipped cone.

Again, say what you will about Trump, but his taste in soft-serve cones is impeccable.

All jokes aside, this video is incredible for a variety of reasons.

First, it showed that the power of prayer is alive and well in America in 2023 — despite the leftists waging a never-ending unholy war against religion.

Second, it was yet another glimpse into a side of Trump that people seldom see in public. This wasn’t the anti-establishment, swamp-draining, fiery Trump that people typically see in a political setting. This was Trump … merely being a normal person, who wanted a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Who can’t relate to that?

Finally, while this may have been a glimpse into Trump’s less political side, it was also a reminder that Trump does have some pretty sizable aspirations for 2024 and beyond.

The former president was in South Carolina, as well as New Hampshire, over the weekend as part of his official campaign trail.

Here’s a clip of the more politico version of Trump in South Carolina, who is more comfortable destroying his critics than an ice cream cone:

As there is still a ways to go before November 2024, you can expect more and more of Trump (in all settings).

But if it’s more stuff like Trump praying with employees at a local eatery? That’s something his supporters can fully get behind.

Author: Bryan Chai


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