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Raphael Warnock's Campaign Just Took Another Body Blow

Raphael Warnock’s campaign has already taken some big blows in the run-off to be decided on January 5th (or in the weeks after given how slow counting in blue areas will be). Video of his wife accusing him of domestic abuse, including running over her foot, surfaced via Tucker Carlson’s reporting. RedState covered that as well (click here for more).

Now, he’s taking another blow in the form of allegations of abuse via the church camp he used to run. Those come from the testimony of a man named Anthony Washington, who claims to have had urine thrown on him, among other things.

Among the indignities 12-year-old Anthony Washington endured at the church camp overseen by Reverend Raphael Warnock: counselors who tossed urine on him and locked him outside his cabin overnight. Washington, now 30, recounted the events in an interview with the Washington Free Beacon and said his experience at the camp resulted in a 2003 lawsuitthat ended two years later, when Washington says he and his family received a large financial settlement. Washington’s account of the 2002 events provides the first direct insight into the alleged abuse and neglect that transpired at Camp Farthest Out, which Warnock oversaw as senior pastor of Maryland’s Douglas Memorial Community church, and raises new questions for the Democrat, who is currently vying for a Senate seat in Georgia.

Is it a coincidence that stuff like this follows Warnock around? Probably not. This guy has obviously lead a less than upstanding existence. To some extent, you can assume this was just normal summer camp high-jinks, though we mostly stuck to shaving cream as a kid and not our own pee. But locking someone outside all night is a bit different. That’s not normal or common, especially at church camp.

All of this calls into question Warnock’s temperament, judgement, and ability to control himself and the things going on around him. You don’t run over your wife’s foot in a fit of rage, even by accident, if you have any real self-control. That this guy has gotten this far, to the brink of becoming a Senator, shows how garbage our political environment truly is and the kind of people it protects.

Of course, it took the Free Beacon to bring this report. The mainstream media are not going to touch this. They are all in for Warnock, including covering up the fact that he’s a probable domestic abuser. Kelly Loeffler has her work cut out for her. For all our sake, let’s hope she comes out out victorious in a week.

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Author: Bonchie


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