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Rashida Tlaib Takes the Idiocy up to Another Level

Rashida Tlaib continues to be one of the more detestable members of Congress. She’s an open anti-Semite, having made common cause with terrorist sympathizers throughout her career. Her disdain for Israel is always at the forefront of her politics, and that hasn’t changed with COVID. She can spin just about anything into a disgusting accusation toward the Jewish state.

Here’s Tlaib blaming Israel for not vaccinating Palestinians fast enough.

You know, this is really weird. Tlaib has continually vilified Israel, calling them racist and insisting that the Palestinians are the rightful owners of Israeli land. She also supports the corrupt hodgepodge of Palestinian leadership, if not directly, at least by her complete omission of criticism toward them. Everything, and I mean everything, is the fault of the Jews (insert elongated, reverberated voice here) in her eyes. That’s part of the whole being an anti-Semite thing she’s got going on.

The Palestinians have a government, as tyrannical and gross as it is. They even supposedly have the support of many Arab nations, though that has dwindled thanks to the efforts of Donald Trump. If Israel is so evil, why is it their job to enter the Palestinian territories and provide vaccinations for the Palestinians? Shouldn’t Hamas be taking care of that? Or the Palestinian Authority? Perhaps their allies in Turkey can ship some doses over?

Tlaib’s commentary is just asinine. You can’t say Israel is a racist state that has no business in Palestinian affairs and then turn around and demand Israel pay for and administer vaccinations for said Palestinians. Further, it’s unlikely the Palestinian leadership could guarantee the safety of such a program anyway. How many Israelis want to go marching into the Gaza strip, putting themselves in mortal danger, in order to distribute vaccines to a society that wants to wipe them off the face of the earth?

Israel has to take care of their own people first. That’s part of being a sovereign nation. No one is stopping the Palestinians from spending some of their terrorist money on securing vaccine doses. They could try building a few less terror tunnels and buying a few less rockets to lob at Israel, and if the Palestinian leaders aren’t willing to do that, perhaps the Palestinian people should start holding them accountable instead of going along with their maniacal ideology.

Israel already provides healthcare, utilities, and a number of other life-saving services to the Palestinians despite constantly being spat on by those they are trying to help. Tlaib could try fighting for positive change among her own people, speaking out against the Palestinian Authority. That would be holding those accountable who are actually responsible for the desolation within the Palestinian territories. But she won’t do that because it’s easier to just be an anti-Semite and bash the Jews.

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Author: Bonchie


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