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RINOs Just Cost the GOP a Major Victory

by Will

The GOP had an opportunity to win a major victory against the Covid tyrants on Thursday, an opportunity that slipped through its fingers thanks to the efforts of a handful of RINOs that decided to skip out of town rather than stick around and vote.

As you’ll remember, the Senate is currently split 50-50, with a few on each side occasionally switching sides if they smell political opportunity in doing so. But, generally votes are party line, so Democrats will win thanks to Kamala’s ability to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Unless a Democrat or two is missing, in which case the GOP can usher through a vote and win while they’re away.

Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz saw that opportunity Thursday, with Dianne Feinstein and Mark Kelly gone for “family reasons” and Sen. Ben Ray Lujan gone because he’s recovering from a stroke.

That gave the GOP an opportunity, as it could then push something through and win on a party-line vote, so long as all of its members were there. Cruz, noting that, tweeted “The only way Dems win the vote is if Rs skip town. Don’t!”

Attempting to use that opportunity, Cruz and Lee introduced two similar amendments that would deny funding to any federal vaccine mandates, hoping the GOP would rally around the idea of getting rid of a much-hated policy and stick in D.C. to vote.

But, of course, RINOs decided to pluck defeat from the jaws of victory yet again and shoot down the idea by skipping town. As Just the News reports, “GOP Sens. Richard Burr, North Carolina; Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma; and Mitt Romney, Utah, reportedly not sticking around to vote.”

That meant that the Lee amendment lost 46-47, with the RINOs’ departure costing the GOP what could have been a major victory heading into midterms. Cruz’s amendment was defeated 44-49; in that case, turncoat Susan Collins and Sen. Roy Blunt voted with the left.

It is true that the bill would have had to head to the leftist-controlled House of Representatives after the vote and that Nancy Pelosi probably wouldn’t have been overly happy about letting it pass.

But, still, though the measures were unlikely to pass, sending the bill to the House of Reps would have put the issue of vaccine mandates and funding for them firmly into the lap of the left shortly before midterms.

The Democrats then would have had to either appease their base and shut down the amendment, fully funding the much-hated vaccine mandates, or chosen to infuriate their base by agreeing with the GOP and pulling funding from the mandates.

Such a situation would have helped the GOP in the midterms, contributing even more energy to the red wave.

But the RINOs couldn’t be troubled to deal with a vote, something they’re supposed to attend, so the GOP lost the opportunity to score a major victory. As usual, Linsdey Graham and Mitt Romney cost the conservatives they claim to represent a big win.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Author: Will

Source: Trending Politics: RINOs Just Cost the GOP a Major Victory


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