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Schumer bill could allow 'child brides' across the nation

Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat who is known for endorsing the debunked "Russiagate" collusion conspiracy theory Democrats launched against President Trump as well as verbally threatening the justices on the Supreme Court, by name, is demanding that "child bride" laws be instituted nationwide.

That's part of an analysis from Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, which fights for religious and civil rights.

He was addressing Schumer's stated plan to push HR 8404 through Congress within weeks.

That plan, called the "Respect for Marriage Act," although it essentially destroys the historic and traditional concepts of marriage, is one of the congressional Democrats' top priorities.

"In addition to same-sex marriage, California will be able to force its pedophilia-enabling child bride laws on every other state ... and every other state will be forced to honor those insane laws!" Staver explained.

The analysis charged, "The media want you to believe that children raised in same-sex households are happy and healthy and would not have things any other way. But the children themselves tell a far different story."

It was Katy, while opposing the Supreme Court's creation of same-sex "marriage" several years ago, who wrote, "If childrearing were just about providing stability by any two parents regardless of gender, then my mom and her partner would have been everything that I needed in life. They cared for me. I cannot remember major strife in their home stemming from their relationship with each other or with me, but that was not enough."

Now an adult, she confirmed there are certain things that only a father can provide for his daughter.

"My family felt stretched, complicated, and sometimes full of hurt." It wasn't until she became a mother, "that the crucial need for both parents in the home, raising their children together, really sank in.”

Staver noted for decades, scientific studies have shown what common sense already informed: children do best when raised by both their mother and father.

Recent studies confirm "children raised by both of their biological parents (mother and father) are significantly less likely to face poverty or prison, and they are also more likely to graduate from college," he said.

The analysis also said that some children, if the plan is adopted, will be "placed in danger of pedophilic 'grooming.'"

Author: Bob Unruh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.


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