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'Stop Trying to Bulls**t Everybody!': Trump Can't Hold it in, Unleashes on Biden on Live TV

By Collin Rugg

President Donald Trump is furious.

During a surprise appearance on Tuesday morning with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, former President Trump lost his cool for a second when he was unleashing on President Joe Biden for allowing our troops to die in Afghanistan after his failed withdraw from the region.

The former president has a soft spot for America’s military so his anger and frustration comes as no surprise.

At one point during the interview, former President Trump urged Biden to apologize to the American people and to stop “BSing” people.

“The level of incompetence on this withdrawal is even far greater than the level incompetence at the southern border,” Trump said, adding that “what’s happened to our country in the last eight months is a disgrace.”

“We handed them a country on a silver platter,” he said. “He ought to apologize and stop trying to, excuse the language, bullshit everybody into thinking what he did was good. We should have withdrawn but we should have withdrawn in a totally different way.”


Check out what Fox Business reported:

The former president made the comments the morning after the Pentagon announced that all U.S. troops have departed Afghanistan. The final C-17 carrying service members lifted off from the Kabul airport at 3:29 pm U.S. Eastern Time on Monday.

The removal of U.S. troops meets the Aug. 31 deadline the Biden administration agreed to with the Taliban, officially drawing the country’s longest-ever conflict to an end.

But the fate of those left behind remains a mystery, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirming earlier on Monday that a “small number” of Americans who want to leave remain in the country.

CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie acknowledged, “We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out.”

The general added that the ISIS threat to the operation was “very real” until the end, with “overwhelming” U.S. airpower circling overhead in an attempt to prevent further attacks.

In addition to the people left behind in Kabul, McKenzie said the U.S. also left behind equipment such as the C-RAM (counter-artillery, artillery and mortar) system that was used to shoot down rockets, as well as dozens of armored Humvees and some aircraft.

The general added that the equipment had been disabled and in the end, none of it was mission capable.

Trump argued on Tuesday that leaving that equipment behind is “insane” and “inconceivable,” adding that “that equipment will be coming at us for many years.”

“We cannot let them [the Taliban] have that equipment,” Trump added. “That’s the finest equipment made.”

Author: Collin Rugg

Source: Trending Politics: “Stop Trying to Bulls**t Everybody!”: Trump Loses His Cool, Unleashes on Live TV Against Biden During Fox Appearance

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