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Temper Tantrum: Gov Whitmer Attempts New Restrictions on Michigan After Court Loss

You really have to give it to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who has the charm of a three-year-old being told no more cookies and decides to throw a temper tantrum kicking and screaming. Really kinda adorable in a way.

Last Friday the Guv was handed a 7-0 loss by the Michigan Supreme Court on her Executive Order overreach that I wrote about here… Gov Whitmer Lashes out at Court Overturning Her COVID Executive Orders.

Well, she took the weekend off to come up with some screwball plan, and boy did she come up with a doozy. She is going to have one of her agencies use a law created during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to give out fines to people who don’t so as her Majesty demands.

She is serious about this.

As reported from WXYZ Detroit

On Monday evening, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer released a video addressing the Supreme Court’s decision to rule against her COVID-19 emergency orders, while reminding Michiganders to remain vigilant in taking precautions during the pandemic. Whitmer also called for bipartisanship in working with Republicans to address the virus and its impact on the economy. “As a result of the court and legislatures action, our COVID-19 cases will likely go up. There will be uncertainty, disruption, and possibly greater risk to our economy, more people quarantined and more deaths,” Whitmer said. She added that the ruling doesn’t mean that all mandated protections against the virus will go away. She stated that she plans to use additional powers to protect families.

Here is her Highnesses tweet announcing this…

You think Donald Trump has some chutzpah, he needs to take lessons from Gretch.

This is government bureaucrats’ super cute way of trying to leave no stone unturned to force their will on the people whom they serve. In other words, this is really gross. The problem that the Michigan Dept of Health and Humans Services is going to have implementing this is who is going to enforce it? Local law enforcement agencies will put these requests on the shelf if they are smart being lawsuits are coming on this also. Plus there are already counties who are saying they won’t help the state on this.

The issue here has ALWAYS been that Whitmer by law, needed to go to the elected legislature and discuss what her concerns were and get them to sign off on the solution every 28 days. She never did that after April 30th and her attitude of I’M THE GOVERNOR DO WHAT I SAY. has now been found unconstitutional. Just like passing laws, you don’t always get what you want, but you may find sometimes, you get what you need. ( Thanks to the Rolling Stones)

Whitmer in the video now has realized that she needs to work with the legislature and this is something she SHOULD have been doing all along. Her call for the GOP led House and Senate to come back into session ASAP for the COVID unemployment bill is fine. She should have been doing this for the past six months but her ego has always gotten the best of her. She has covered this up in the fake blanket of compassion and saying she only wants what is best for Michiganians. If this is really true then why does she not finally release all of the science & data she claims these important decisions are based on?

In the vernacular of the poker world, call the GOP bluffs Governor. If those cards you are holding are so good it is time to show them.

I doubt our Governor and wanna be Queen Kim Jung Un will do this though. She seems to think that it is her way or the highway and that is never a good way to govern. Particularly when your butt just got handed to you 7-0 by the Michigan State Supreme Court.

Some people just never learn.

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Author: T.LaDuke

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All the states controlled by far left govs & mayors wannabe dictators have to eliminate them or die as socialistic enslaved commoners !

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