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The New Digital Driver’s License Will Include Your Vaccine Status – Here's What Else it May Include

A new Digital Drivers License is currently in the works in Utah and other states.

The program will include your driver’s license info and your COVID-19 status. This will be tracked by the government and available to government employees.

A TGP reader sent this to us this morning–

The program may also include the following information in the future:

** Your health records ** Your financial reports ** Credit scores ** Travel records ** Vehicle registration ** Spending ** Voting ** Sex offender status ** Licenses and Permits you have ** Parking Fines ** Social Credit Scoring

This will be the end of individual rights as we know it.

Don’t count on the fickle Supreme Court to help you. If the totalitarians are able to implement this you will no longer have any rights in America. It is the China model at work here in the US and the globalists LOVE it.

Mississippi is also discussing the Mobile ID program.

And already their card will contain information from your driver’s license and vaccine status.


The mobile ID can allow users to store a virtual driver’s license and coronavirus vaccination card. Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell says “From a law enforcement perspective, it will allow a law enforcement officer approaching the car to interact via Bluetooth with that phone so that they can know exactly who they’re dealing with before they even get to the car. And I think that’s a great feature for law enforcement, and it would be able to be utilized for any lawful purchase that you could otherwise use a regular ID.”

Here is a Utah report on the program.

Author: Jim Hoft


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