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'The View' Hag Joy Behar Blames Trump for Death of George Floyd by Minn. Police

During Wednesday's episode of 'The View,' the hosts discussed the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a Minneapolis policeman after the officer put his knee on Floyd's neck.

Radical leftist Joy Behar thought this would be the perfect time to blame President Trump for the death of Floyd.

Behar said, “You know, it doesn’t help— I mean, I hate to bring Trump into this, but it doesn’t help that the president of the United States says things like, don’t be so nice. Remember when he said that? I don’t like that there is this feeling that it is open season on these people. It’s very frustrating. I don’t know what else to say about it at this point. There are no words anymore. It’s got to be stopped.”

Take a look:

Joy Behar and the rest of the mainstream media hacks will do anything to try to weaken President Trump and hinder his chances of getting re-elected.

Floyd was wrongfully killed by the Minneapolis police officer, but blaming Trump for what happened is ludicrous.

Protests over Floyd's death took a terrifying turn Wednesday night as riots erupted across the city of Minneapolis. Protesters lit buildings on fire, looted businesses, and attacked police officers.


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