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There’s Something Odd About Joe and Jill’s Olympic Photo…What’s in Joe’s Hand?

by Will

Our president often doesn’t seem to be “all there” mentally. Though he was somehow elected president, his brain seems mushier than the lukewarm oatmeal he eats in the morning while hiding out in the White House basement, which makes it all the more interesting to see what weird thing he’s doing or up to in photos and videos of him bumbling about.

Recently, one such photo dropped, with Biden posting this ridiculously awkward photo on Twitter:

It’s almost as bad as that one where he looks like a giant compared to Jimmy Carter.

But, beyond him looking like a mummy in Genocide Olympics-branded clothes, people online noticed something: what’s in his right hand?

When you zoom in, what looks like a cellphone at first glance appears more like something with a large, rubber antennae. Here’s a zoomed-in photo of it:

What is that thing? It’s hard to tell, but, as reported on Wayne Dupree’s site, many suspect it’s a medical device of some sort:

“Is that a medical alert item in his hand? It looks like it has two antennas.”

Or perhaps it’s a walkie-talkie, though why the president would be holding one is unknown.

Beyond the medical device comment, Dupree reports that other speculation about the photo abounded, both about what he’s holding and whether the picture was photoshopped. Here are some of those comments:

“If Jill makes one move, Joe topples over”

“Weekend At Bernie’s- What flunky photoshopped this?”

“Why is Joe barely standing up like this?”

“They look like two idiots in those outfits. Especially the dementia patient.”

“This photo looks really fake”

“Why is everything these two do so damn weird and unnatural?”

“Did you get free crack pipes with those nice jackets Cornpop?”

“A photoshopped JOKE PHOTO!!! How sick is this?!?!”

“This looks so photoshopped! Everything they do is disingenuous!”

“It looks like Jill is holding this old geezer up”

Though it’s probably not fake, those commenters have a good point: it’s a weird photo and Joe looks very…well, plastic. Beyond the unknown, weird object in his hand, likely either a medical device or walkie-talkie, he and Jill are standing in a bizarre way.

It’s hard to describe what exactly is wrong with the picture, but something obviously isn’t quite right.

Now, that doesn’t mean the conspiracy theorists are right and it was photoshopped. Far more likely is that Joe is just completely out of it and is standing in an odd manner. “Dr.” Jill looks pretty normal, after all.

But, more important than any of the speculation is the fact that it exists and has to be taken at least somewhat seriously.

Trump had his faults, but at least he was “there” enough mentally that people weren’t seriously speculating that he had to be photoshopped into a weird picture while holding a life alert button. Joe, on the other hand…such speculation about him is so real that it hurts.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Author: Will


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