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They're Screwed: Democrats Have Chosen Their Secret Weapon for the Midterms

By Matt Vespa | Townhall

Seriously? This is who Democrats think can be their secret weapon for the 2022 midterms. Is the bench really that thin? Also, why isn’t Joe Biden at the top of this list? Doesn’t the president have coattails? No. Not right now—and probably not for the foreseeable future. Inflation is spiking, economic growth is slowing, job creation is evaporating, and we’re a mess abroad. Biden’s trust in handling COVID has also dipped. Afghanistan has collapsed and Joe left Americans stranded. There’s not much this administration can tout. The COVID vaccine isn’t one of them. Biden inherited the vaccine from Donald Trump. It’s why he needs these spending bills to pass, which will add to the deficit and make the inflation crisis worse—but he needs something. So, with Joe in limbo, Democrats think Kamala Harris could be their golden ticket.

If that’s the case, then it’s a tacit acknowledgment that they’re screwed. Joe Biden sucks, but you’ll have to dig through another 50 feet of crap to find Kamala Harris. She’s popular with the base, they say (via The Hill):

Democrats expect Vice President Harris to be a major player in revving up the party’s liberal base ahead of next year’s midterm elections. Harris’s allies believe she will play a significant role, both by fundraising and participating in campaign rallies. Democrats see Harris as uniquely positioned to drive up turnout among young people and women, who they believe will be critical to Democrats retaining their majorities in Congress. Historical trends suggest that Republicans should have an edge in the midterm elections, and Democrats say a strong turnout will be key for the party to keep power. “She is very popular with the base. She is particularly strong with women and with young people. Turn out for young people is going to be critical for the midterms and it is uncertain,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who advised President Biden’s campaign. “Between turnout and swing independent women, I would think she would be quite aggressive because of her own appeal and popularity.” The vice president can also use the midterms to boost her own brand, given questions around whether Biden will seek a second term as he says he intends to do.

Well, the Democratic base mostly lives in areas where the party is going to win anyway. Will this translate to the dozen or so competitive House district? Probably not. Harris’ approvals are worse than Biden’s. She’s AWOL on the border and COVID vaccinations. Her office is in a state of civil war, marred by infighting, isolation, and bad staffing. Even Democrats admit that Harris 2024 or 2028 isn’t a winning ticket. Her nervous tick of laughing when pressured is abysmal—and she, like her boss, is simply not able to do the job. Democrats only have a four-seat majority in the House. I doubt Harris can stop the bleeding. There is a lot of time until the 2022 midterms, but this White House seems content with this endless cycle of setting itself on fire.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Townhall: They're Screwed: Democrats Have Chosen Their Secret Weapon for the Midterms

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