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This is the Angriest You’ve Ever Seen Joe Biden as President: Watch Him Rail About Absolute Nonsense

There is angry Joe Biden. And then there is angry Joe Biden.

On Friday, Americans were treated to a dark side of the cantankerous president that they have rarely seen during his part-time tenure. Joe Biden. Screaming. Watch:

“We have fewer democracies in the world today than we did 15 years ago,” Biden railed. “Fewer! Not more! Fewer!”

Apparently, this complaint did not strike the authoritarian Biden as the least bit ironic. Then there was this.

“I wanted them to see… the ability of a human mind to rationalize… cannot be underestimated,” he shouted.

Biden was giving extended remarks about human rights abuses, including in Nazi Germany, which is odd because his federal vaccine mandates directly infringe on the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy.

“Biden discussed the importance of exposing complicity in human rights abuses, saying that when each of his children and grandchildren turn 15 years old, he sends them to see the Dachau concentration camp in Germany,’ CNN reported.

“I want them to see the lovely homes that were right up against the fence line, with their beautiful roofs. People living in there rationalized that ‘It’s not me. I’m not doing this. And I don’t know, really, what’s going on in there,'” Biden said. “I wanted them to see the ability of the human mind to rationalize cannot be underestimated.”

This is not the first time Biden has used the phrase. In a 2015 address at Yale University, he also invoked it, but this time giving proper attribution.

“My chief of staff for over 25 years, one of the finest men I’ve ever known, even though he graduated from Penn, and subsequently became a senator from the state of Delaware, Senator Ted Kaufman, every new hire, that we’d hire, the last thing he’d tell them was, and remember never underestimate the ability of the human mind to rationalize,” he said. “Never underestimate the ability of the human mind to rationalize — her birthday really doesn’t matter that much to her, and this business trip is just a great opportunity; this won’t be his last game, and besides, I’d have to take the redeye to get back. We can always take this family vacation another time. There’s plenty of time.”

Obviously, word salad is nothing new for the current president. It is unclear why Biden chose this topic to display arguably the most anger he has shown during a speech as president. But one suspects that the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants, and the less-subtle “F*** Joe Biden” chants, are pissing off the increasingly unpopular president.

One suspects that part of the reason Biden has gotten away with issuing authoritarian, unlawful mandates is that he has displayed a dottering, grandfatherly demeanor that has garnered sympathy among many. But as ‘angry Biden’ rears its ugly head, the authoritarian tone matches the president’s dictatorial decrees. The American people are running out of patience with the failed president, and it very much appears that Joe Biden knows it.

Author: Kyle Becker


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