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Trump Devastates Obama Legacy & Overturns His Prized Transgender Policy

On Friday the Trump administration destroyed one of Obama's prized policies and overturned his infamous transgender rule.

Trump's new policy, which defines gender as a person's biological sex, is being cheered by conservatives across the nation.

Under Obama's regulation, people were allowed to define their own genders based on an internal sense of being male, female, neither or a combination.

The Obama-era federal rule also could require hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures on individuals who claim to be a different sex.

More from MarketWatch:

The Trump administration Friday finalized a regulation that overturns Obama-era protections for transgender people against sex discrimination in health care.
The policy shift, long-sought by the president’s religious and socially conservative supporters, defines gender as a person’s biological sex. The Obama regulation defined gender as a person’s internal sense of being male, female, neither or a combination.
LGBTQ groups say explicit protections are needed for people seeking sex-reassignment treatment, and even for transgender people who need medical care for common conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.
Behind the dispute over legal rights is a medically recognized condition called “gender dysphoria” — discomfort or distress caused by a discrepancy between the gender that a person identifies as and the gender at birth. Consequences can include severe depression. Treatment can range from sex-reassignment surgery and hormones to people changing their outward appearance by adopting a different hairstyle or clothing.
Many social conservatives disagree with the concept.

The ACLU immediately responded to Trump's decision, claiming they would sue to overturn his rule.

For some strange reason liberals think we the taxpayers should have to pay for people who "identify" as a different sex to have gender-reassignment surgeries.

That is absolutely ridiculous and thank God President Trump is taking a stand to overturn Obama's ruling.

Gender should be defined as a person's biological sex. Period.


John Green
John Green
Jun 14, 2020

so Trump outlawed the Demons to guide possessed people on what sex they are?


Olive Chris
Olive Chris
Jun 14, 2020

The entire crew of the view are a bunch of degenerates who hate America and what we stand for. Leave our country as you all said you would (liars) and take all of your Hollywood dumbasses with you. But you won’t leave because #1 you’re all liars, #2 you can’t find another country as good as ours. Just a note of wisdom for you; no one cares what y’all think. All of you are as dumb as a bucket of rocks. It doesn’t take talent to be on a talk show, just someone who likes to hear themselves talk. Do yourselves a favor, either defend our country, our laws, and our president; or GO AWAY!!

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