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Trump Has a Big Surprise in Store for the Debate, Biden Won't Be Happy

Thursday evening President Trump is squaring off with Biden for their final debate.

Biden got a gift from the Debate Commission when they canceled the second debate so Joe only had to keep it together for two debates.

The moderator for the final debate is MSNBC's Kristen Welker, who was busted for tipping off Team Hillary in 2016. How she wasn't disqualified from moderating after that incident is beyond me.

But Trump is ready to rock, and he has some awesome surprises in store for the debate which Biden really isn't going to like.

For starters, he's reportedly bringing a 'special guest' that knows the Biden family quite well.

The Blaze reports:

President Donald Trump will reportedly have Hunter Biden's former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, as his special guest at Thursday night's presidential debate. Much like he did in the 2016 presidential debates, Trump will attempt to use his special guest to gain a psychological edge against his opponent.
President Trump has allegedly invited Bobulinski, the former business associate of Joe Biden's son, Hunter. Bobulinski became a potential factor in the 2020 presidential election this week when he came forward to confirm that the New York Post's report on Hunter Biden's overseas dealings with a Chinese energy company is "genuine."

But that's not all Trump has in store.

He is also expected to surprise Americans with details of a new middle-class tax cut during the debate.

Stephen Moore, who helped prep Trump for his first debate – hinted that Americans would hear new details about a proposed second round of tax cuts.

"He’s been extremely keen to fully roll out a tax cut, and I think it could happen during the debate itself," Moore said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Moore, by the way, has discussed tax cuts 2.0 with the president on multiple occasions.

The election is just 12 days out, and we're continuing to see all sorts of things exploding off in the Biden scandal as more information comes to light.

Do you think the biased MSNBC moderator will even bring any of it up to Joe?

I doubt it.

But that won't stop President Trump from grilling Joe about it, that much I can assure you of.

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