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Trump Warns Biden Backed DHS Is Calling “Conspiracy Theorists” Terrorists

What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? Usually, just a time span of six months. All throughout the pandemic, information that was labeled as misinformation and conspiracy theories ended up being true. Just to name a few, the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory, Natural Immunity being more protective than Covid-19 vaccines, cloth masks being ineffective, and more.

Well, Trump knows that “conspiracy theorists” most of the time are people who don’t buy into the corporate media’s narrative, and called out the Biden administration for calling conspiracy theorists domestic terrorists. In a Bulletin sent by the Department of Defense through their National Terrorism Advisory System, the DHS declared that anyone who spreads misinformation or disinformation is a threat to America’s security.

The Bulletin by the DHS would go on to say that anyone who spreads disinformation regarding voter fraud is also a threat to the United States Democracy and could cause an uprising that could destroy American institutions.

Trump thought the DHS’s Terror Advisory was complete nonsense and fired back at the Biden led DHS, quoted saying:

The Biden Administration now says “conspiracy theories” about elections are the greatest threat to the homeland. Does the Department of Homeland Security include in its list of conspiracy theories the on tape irrefutable evidence of massive “Ballot Harvesting” in the Swing States? Do they include more votes than voters, and the fact that in Georgia thousands of duplicate votes were scanned and voter fraud was committed with 100-0 falsified vote counts for Joe Biden? Do they include in Wisconsin more than twice the election margin voted without ever showing Voter ID, which is illegal, or the widespread fraud uncovered in nursing homes?

Or how 23,344 mail-in ballots were counted, despite the person no longer living at that address in Arizona, and that there was over 100% turnout for mail-in ballots in precincts in Pima County. What about the many violations of the Constitution, and the millions poured into Swing States by the Facebook CEO to hijack our elections?

Trump would continue his thought and stated that the DHS should stay focused on protecting the US southern Border, not labeling American citizens who are posting information they believe to be true as terrorists.

The DHS is not only targeting people who tweet or post about election fraud, but are also claiming people who are posting “misinformation” articles about Covid-19 are a public threat to society.

What’s shocking is that the Biden administration’s botched screening of Afghan refugees is not one of the Department of Homeland Security’s concerns at all. Just last month, a 24-year-old Afghan refugee, who was part of Biden’s botched emergency evacuation flights out of Afghanistan, was convicted of sexually assaulting a three-year-old at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia.

Author: Anthony


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