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Tucker Carlson: It’s Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment Before Joe Biden Ignites World War III

Joe Biden flew to Europe over the weekend and nearly started World War III — several times.

Biden’s gaffes on US troops in Ukraine, on Ukrainian troops being trained by US troops in Poland, on replacing Vladimir Putin in Russia… ALL nearly brought the US and NATO into direct war with Russia.

The US already started a financial war to ruin the Russian economy but this was not enough for Joe Biden.

Several times his administration had to step in and correct Joe Biden in gaffe after gaffe. And, of course, as the public watches in amazement, the fake news has yet to notice President Biden’s worsening dementia.

The man is dangerous. The regime is dangerous. And we’re not just talking about Vlad Putin here.

Tucker Carlson last night called on Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment before Joe Biden destroys the US economy, US borders, and gets us into a nuclear war with Russia.

Tucker Carlson: “If ever there was a time to invoke the 25th Amendment, it’s now. As Joe Biden himself put it, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Author: Jim Hoft


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