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Tucker Carlson's Take Down of Kamala Harris Is Hilarious and a Must-See

Kamala Harris has finally thrust herself into the spotlight the last week with her much-ballyhooed trip to Central America. Instead of actually visiting the border where the illegal immigration crisis is, something she’s still neglected to do at all during her tenure, she went to countries like Guatemala to lecture them on climate change. You know, because that’s the supposed “root cause” that we can fix or something along with systemic poverty in these countries — something we can’t even fix at home.

Yet, even the Guatemalan President, who has every incentive to play nice because we give him money, told Harris the current crisis is a result of her and her boss’ decision making, including the gutting of Trump-era provisions that greatly slowed illegal immigration. Harris would later sit down with Lester Holt of NBC News (or at least it aired during her trip) for a cringe performance where she pronounced “I haven’t been to Europe” when pressed on why she hasn’t visited the border. Her oddly timed, hysterical laugh also made an appearance.

This gold-mine of material wasn’t lost on Tucker Carlson, who launched into a hilarious and must-see monologue on the vice president last night. Grab a drink and enjoy.

Tucker hits every aspect, from Harris’ pathetic presidential campaign to the media now treating someone so obviously unimpressive as a transformational figure. At one point, he plays a montage of various news outlets talking about her Guatemala trip and every single one is obsessed with the fact that she’s a “person of color.” You know, because race dictates results when it comes to diplomacy or something. Later, Tucker gets more serious by pointing out how weak she and other Biden officials makes the country look when they spend all their time apologizing for past sins and not on solving current problems.

But honestly, I’m underselling the video. Take the time to watch it. It’s worth it.

In short, Harris’ first big public tour has not only been a failure on the policy front but it’s also been an embarrassing spectacle for her as a politician. Everyone has been reminded why she flopped so hard despite having so much establishment support before being appointed to vice president. If Joe Biden can’t run again in 2024, they’d better have a plan to not allow Harris to be coronated.

Author: Bonchie


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