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Two-Thirds of Americans Have One Simple Message for Joe Biden

When you’re AWOL on multiple crises, are you shocked American voters feel this way about you, Joe? Your economic policies have led to an inflation explosion. The job reports are not where they should be. You can’t get spending bills passed. The Southern border is a mess. Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan. Russia is about to invade Ukraine. China is getting a little more aggressive in the Taiwan Straits. Where’s Joe? Probably taking a nap.

I’m shocked that CNN even commissioned this poll because there is nothing good in it. On character issues, like trust, two-thirds of Americans feel they cannot trust this guy. Seventy percent think that Joe has made the economy worse with his policies (via NY Post):

As President Biden’s first year in office comes to an end, nearly two out of every three Americans has doubts and reservations about him — with 70 percent saying his policies have worsened the economy or had no effect, according to a new poll. According to the CNN poll conducted by SSRS, 66 percent of Americans said they doubted whether Biden was “a leader you can trust,” a number that included 92 percent of Republicans, 75 percent of independents and 36 percent of Democrats. The poll also found that 45 percent of adults believe the president’s policies have worsened the economy while only 30 percent say they have had a positive impact and 25 percent said they had no impact at all. When asked how they thought the president had handled the economy overall, 54 percent expressed disapproval – an increase of five percentage points from late summer and 12 percentage points from late April. […] The survey put Biden’s overall job approval at 49 percent with 51 percent disapproval – and only 16 percent “strongly approving” and 34 percent “strongly disapproving.” In all, the president’s approval rating was down four points from its high of 53 percent in late April, while his disapproval rating was up 10 points from the poll low of 41 percent in early March. The poll, released Wednesday, surveyed 1,256 adults from Dec. 8-12 and carries a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

And now with the Build Back Better agenda being put on the backburner until 2022—I feel like there’s more rough weather ahead for Joe and his approval ratings. That’s good news for the Republicans as we enter the 2022 midterm cycle. So, if Trump was so awful, liberal media—he wasn’t but this is for the sake of argument, then what is this situation under Biden? How is this better? It’s not. We had booming jobs reports. We had record high consumer and small business confidence under Trump. We had Apple repatriating billions due to the corporate tax rate tweaks under Trump. We had a slew of companies, big and small, hiring more workers and giving bonus checks. That is not happening under Biden. Is competence back? Is leadership back? Is America back? Polling says ‘nope’ under Biden. Incompetence is back. Leadership is taking a nap or crapping in front of the pope. Oh, and Biden has not shut down the COVID pandemic. The man has failed on all front, which is his own doing for overpromising.

Author: Matt Vespa


Prayers change things and God is in control. This is happening to teach all the sleep walkers a lesson. It will get better because there’s nothing and none greater than Jesus. There’s gonna be a turn around. Let’s hope this lesson is learned and sticks. God bless America and everyone in it.


He won’t last the next three years. He’s Obama and Pelosi‘s puppet and he’s shutting down. Keep praying for our country. America is a great country full of extraordinary folks and we will be fine. Biden is a lesson to us all. Everything the Dems accused Trump of doing, they are actually doing.

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