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Uh-Oh: Governor Cuomo Gets Credibly Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Advisor

Andrew Cuomo, one of the worst governors in the country, has been credibly accused of sexual harassment. A woman who used to work in his office told her story on Twitter this morning in a detailed thread. Her name is Lindsey Boylan, and she is not some random account. She’s blue-check verified with 37,000+ followers. Her identity is real.

Here’s what she had to say.

Honestly, anyone who’s paid any attention to Andrew Cuomo isn’t surprised by this. The guy has creeper written all over him. He’s an arrogant sociopath who appears to have no conscience or ability to feel shame. That he would abuse and treat his employees like crap is essentially expected. In fact, just a few days ago, another report came out detailing how toxic of a work environment Cuomo runs. Now, we have a woman going on record to accuse him of sexual harassment.

So who exactly is Lindsey Boylan? She was Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and served as a special advisor to Cuomo until 2018. This wasn’t some small time employee, not that being such would make this anymore acceptable.

As far as I can tell, the Governor’s office has refused to comment on the allegation so far. I’m sure they are busying crafting spin as we speak and that first dibs will be given to some friendly media figure.

Speaking of the media, you’d think this would be a major story, but as of this writing, no major news site has picked it up. No mention on CNN or MSNBC this morning either. They will smother this story just like they attempt to smother all stories that could bring harm to a Democrat. Make no mistake though, if this were a Republican, it’d be the top story at every site right now.

If Cuomo did this, he’ll get away with it. That much I’m sure of. Heck, I’d be surprised if the mainstream media even get around to covering it at all.

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Author: Bonchie


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