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Unbelievably Leftist – UCLA Scientists Studying ‘Inequality’ Among Animals

In the midst of all the news flying around the internet, a few of the stories stand out as being flat-out ludicrous, yet being advanced by globalists.

A majority of public and private universities are staffed with far-left, anti-God, pro-evolutionary activists. In place of God, they are calling on the government to force the concerns of the social justice movement, and are looking into the animal kingdom for “inequalities”.

A group of scientists at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has been conducting studies into so-called “inequality” among animals in the wild, attempting to find similarities with alleged inequities among humans.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, these studies first began with a group of behavioral ecologists at UCLA who “saw how COVID-19 was highlighting health disparities and other inequalities around the world,” and eventually “began to wonder if they could learn more about inequality by studying it in animals.”

“When we started looking for it, we found lots and lots of examples,” Dr. Jennifer Smith told the New York Times. “To see this across so many different species was quite surprising. And we’re just touching the surface.”

The group came to a conclusion that has already been a well-known fact, which is the assertion that baby animals that are raised by their parents are more likely to survive into adulthood, which the group redundantly described as “species that share resources such as territory, tools, and shelter between generations.”

Among the examples they cited were the fact that baby red grouse that aren’t abandoned by their fathers in infancy “are more likely to succeed in establishing their own territories,” while baby squirrels that survive off food hoarded by their mothers for the winter “are much more likely to survive until the spring.”

“Those young, pine-cone-rich squirrels, the scientists say, are children of privilege,” the New York Times concluded, without actually citing any evidence of “inequality” as a factor in these studies.

The Great Reset is using this story to support their demand for global equity – Inequality is not confined to humans. Animals are divided by privilege, too.

  • Inequality is a threat to our social fabric, but it’s not just a human problem.

  • A new study shows the animal kingdom is riven by privilege and inequality.

  • For some species, being on the wrong side of the divide is a matter of life and death.

Inequality is not confined to humans, a new study reveals. Mammals, fish, birds and even insects have been shown to benefit from inherited wealth and abilities.
Researchers have discovered the intergenerational transfer of wealth and resources affects many living creatures. Some have a better quality of life than other members of the same species – including access to food and shelter – just because of their parents’ status.
Published in the Journal of Behavioural Ecology in December 2021, the study found that some species of red squirrel, for example, pass their stores of nuts and pinecones on to their offspring, giving them a built-in fitness advantage in adult life and down the generations.

Psych Daily News is also promoting the propaganda

This story further highlights the challenges that the citizens of the world will have to contend with for years to come.

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” has established 2030 as the time period they expect to have deconstructed the American economic system and establish a new cultural norm of “Equity”.

The only hope is for a return to the one true God, and a rejection of Earth worship and self-reliance.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.


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