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WATCH: AOC Freaks Out in Middle of Hearing on Hunter Biden Laptop

By Anthony Scott

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) threw a tantrum Wednesday morning while the House Oversight Committee grilled Twitter executives for censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

AOC told the room full of lawmakers and former Twitter executives that the entire hearing is a “right-wing political operation.”

She continued, “We’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half-fake laptop story? This is an embarrassment.”


AOC justified Twitter censoring the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story by claiming the news outlet offered “road blocks” for other networks who wanted to “corroborate” with them.

The lawmaker from New York then claimed Republican lawmakers were holding the hearing so political operatives in the future can publish “disinformation” again.

The Hunter Biden story is far from being a “half-fake” story as AOC claims.

Joe Hoft from Gateway Pundit just reported the latest smoking gun from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Author: Anthony Scott

Source: The Gateway Pundit: AOC Throws Tantrum, Calls Hunter Biden Laptop Story Half-Fake Story

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