WATCH: Biden Loses It After Reporter Asks Tough Question, Says He Will Only Answer “Happy” Questions

By Collin Rugg

President Joe Biden doesn’t like it when he is asked tough questions.

During a press conference on Friday while being asked about the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Force Base, Biden lost it as he told reporters that he would only answer “happy” questions.

“I want to talk about happy things, man!” Biden snapped after being asked about the troop withdrawal.

“We’re on track exactly as to where we expected to be,” Biden said. “There will be some forces left. But it’s a rational drawdown with our allies.”

The President then demanded questions relating to “happy” subjects.

“I’m not going to answer anymore on Afghanistan. It’s Fourth of July,” Biden said. “I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions that I’ll answer next week. It’s the holiday weekend. I’m going to celebrate it.”


Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

American troops made a swift exit from Bagram AFB overnight Thursday, leaving the central hub of Afghan operations after a nearly 20-year presence in the country. The exit is part of a Biden administration-backed troop drawdown that will end on September 11, 2021, exactly 20 years after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The government did not officially announce the pullout from Bagram, but last week, foreign troops stationed at Bagram began leaving the airbase. As of Wednesday, officials said, American troops were around “50% packed” and ready to leave. The remaining U.S. troops will leave the country later in July, leaving around 650 troops to provide protection to diplomats and American officials. After September 11, 2021, just 300 troops will remain in Afghanistan, charged with protecting the American embassy in Kabul.

As the Daily Wire reported earlier on Friday, residents of Afghanistan remain concerned about American troop withdrawal, particularly given that the Taliban has been on a military offensive.

Biden went on to talk about the American economy and told reporters to ask “legitimate” questions.

“There are great things happening. The economy is growing faster than any time in 40 years. We got a record number of new jobs, COVID deaths are down 90%, wages are up faster than any time in 15 years. We’re bringing our troops home. All across America, people are going to ball games. This is good,” he said.

“I’ll answer all your negative questions – not negative questions,” he continued. “Legitimate questions.”

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Author: Collin Rugg

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