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Watch: Kamala Harris Announces Her Preferred 'Pronouns' Before WH Event in Incredibly Weird Moment

By Sister Toldjah

When Vice President Kamala Harris appears in public for speaking engagements, town halls, meetings, etc, one thing she never fails to do is to make an impression.

Unfortunately for her, oftentimes those impressions paint very unflattering portraits of the VP, as we’ve seen when she’s embarrassed herself on a world stage in launching into some of her infamous word salads, and here at home, where Harris’ penchant for saying things that make no sense and repeating herself has reportedly left her comms staffers and speechwriters scurrying towards the exits.

All of this brings me to the latest instance where Harris caused cringe detectors to go off, which occurred Tuesday during a White House roundtable event that included Harris and disability rights advocates on the 32nd anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) discussing “reproductive care” options for those with disabilities.

As the meeting began, Harris greeted those in attendance as well as those either listening or watching by making the following announcement:

“Good afternoon. I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time. I am Kamala Harris. My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her.’ I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.”


Everyone at the table similarly introduced themselves, including this woman, who seemed exasperated over the fact that she was (likely) required to declare her pronouns:

Some of the reactions on Twitter I saw to Harris’ remarks ranged from being perplexed to outright laughter, both over her proclaiming her pronouns as well as her brief description of her outfit.

While it might look and sound odd to watch someone on a live feed tell people what they’re wearing, one thing to remember is not everyone who is tuning in on TV or on the web in can see it due to partial or full blindness. Plus, anyone listening via a radio wouldn’t know either. That’s the likely reason why those comments were made. I get that that part looked ridiculous to some people but having friends and family members who are visually impaired, I understand the importance to them of being able to “visualize” in their minds what people look like when they’re listening to them.

But the pronouns thing? There is simply no excuse for that. It’s just pointless virtue signaling to a “woke” LGBTQ crowd that already supports Biden-Harris unconditionally.

The problem is, though, that it’s not just her supporters who are watching and listening. World leaders are as well, and you can best believe they are laughing their fannies off while our vice president panders to radical far-left activists by making an announcement about pronouns that should be obvious to anyone at this point, especially considering the fact that she’s been doing this for at least three years now, and also has them listed in her social media bios.

The moment at the White House event was reminiscent of how she introduced herself during a town hall with then-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo when she was still a presidential candidate. After she did so, Cuomo quipped “Mine, too” – but then later had to apologize after the fauxtrage mob got cranked up:

In October 2019, Harris was asked during an interview with a transgender rights group about when transgender rights “became important” to her.

“I mean, I can’t remember a time that they’ve not been important to me,” Harris claimed as the word “women” could be heard off in the distance being flushed down the toilet, soon to be replaced by “birthing people” in official government documents.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: RedState: Watch: Kamala Harris Announces Her Preferred 'Pronouns' Before WH Event in Incredibly Weird Moment

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