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Watch: Pelosi Gives Away the Whole Ukraine “Scheme” on ABC

by Will

Why are the Democrats and RINOs so desperate to stir up trouble with Russia over Ukraine? After years of relative peace, the sabers are rattling and drums of war banging, but over what? Why are they so intent on fighting Putin right now.

Two general answers have been proferred by the commentariat. One is that this is a case of “wag the dog.” Biden (or, more realistically, someone on the senile president’s team), wanting to distract us from his many domestic failures, is stirring up trouble so that Americans rally to the flag and forget about how bad things are getting domestically.

That could be true, but war with Russia would be a major war, not a cruise missile strike distraction. Even when regarding the cynical Democrats it’s somewhat hard to believe that World War III would be fought just to distract Americans from inflation.

The other reason given is that they hate Putin because he’s a traditionalist. Russia doesn’t bend the knee to the American Globalist Empire on diversity and gay issues, and is instead a Christian nation that’s proud of its heritage, so many suspect that the globalist, anti-tradition Democrats and RINOs want war with it to crush that vestige of reactionary thought.

To me, that’s more convincing, but also has flaws. For one, many of the Ukraine’s best fighters are in right-wing, private battalions like Azov or Right Sector. Were the war really about the rainbow flag, it seems hard to believe we’d be fighting on the side of one group of traditionalists against another. Theoretically, they could be hoping the traditionalists kill each other and that the Ukraine, after it becomes more reliant on the West, will purge the remaining reactionaries, but that’s deep down the well of speculation.

So, we have potential reasons for the warmongering, but haven’t heard much from the Democrats themselves about “why.”

Fortunately for us, Nancy Pelosi might have given away the game in a recent interview. Watch it here, listen closely, and try to catch what she says and how it gives their agenda away:

Did you catch it? The Conservative Treehouse did. Here’s the relevant section of the transcript:

“Well, I think we have to be prepared for it. And that is what the president is — yes, I do believe that he is prepared for an invasion. I also understand why the President of Ukraine wants to keep people calm and that he wants his economy not to suffer. But, on the other hand, if we were not threatening the sanctions and the rest, it would guarantee that Putin would invade. Let’s hope that diplomacy works.

It’s about diplomacy deterrence. Diplomacy deterrence. And the president’s made it very clear. There’s a big price to pay for Russia to go there. So, if Russia doesn’t invade, it’s not that he never intended to. It’s just that the sanctions worked.” … “I’m very proud of the work that the president has done.”

That’s the goal, the highlighted portions. They’re accusing him of something he never intended to do (hence why the Russians, Ukrainians, and Western Europeans are all confused by the allegations of imminent war), and hoping that he won’t actually do it because then they can claim that Biden and his actions were strong enough to defeat the evil Vladimir Putin. In so doing, they can both distract Americans from the real issues and reframe Biden as a strong leader after the Afghanistan debacle.

That’s a pretty cynical ploy, even for them, one fraught with risks of unnecessary war and other dire consequences. But, as Putin seems to have little intention of invading, it could succeed. They need to be called on it so everyone knows what they’re up to.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Author: Will


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