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What Doctors Are Hearing from Monkeypox-Infected Gay Men Exposes Liberal Health Hypocrisy

A rather stunning bit of data regarding the recent outbreak of monkeypox that has the World Health Organization and the Biden administration panicking sheds new light on how the disease might be spreading while causing quite a few problems for those seeking to downplay indications that sexual promiscuity among gay men is behind it all.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that 73 percent of men who have contracted monkeypox report having between two and 10 sexual partners over the three weeks before symptom onset, according to a report Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Of these men, nearly 20 percent reported 10 or more sexual partners in this time period.

According to the CDC report, of all the monkeypox patients in the United States, 99 percent are men, and 96 percent are gay men.

To say that a majority of monkeypox patients in the United States are sexually promiscuous gay men would be a weak understatement, purely according to this data, no matter how wildly offensive that would sound to many progressive ears in this day and age.

Yet these are the simple facts.

The CDC report found that out of 291 men surveyed, 19 percent reported having 10 or more partners in the three weeks before contracting the disease, 14 percent reported having between five and nine partners, and 40 percent reported having between two and four partners, according to the Journal.

Meanwhile, according to the CDC report: “Among 86 men with information reported, 33 (38%) reported group sex, defined as sex with more than two persons, at a festival, group sex event, or sex party.”

The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a “public health emergency of international concern” on July 23. On Thursday, as CNN reported, the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services declared monkeypox a public health emergency as the total cases in the country surpassed 7,000.

As of Saturday, according to the CDC, the U.S. case count was 7,510. No monkeypox deaths in the United States have been recorded.

As a former-progressive-turned-devout-Christian, I am not now one to shy away from my strong opinions on sexual ethics and the spiritual detriment of any kind of lifestyle that involves wanton promiscuity.

Yet putting all of that aside, let’s consider the plain, simple facts as previously outlined from the horse’s mouth — the CDC.

Monkeypox, an official public health emergency, is spreading among men who are having lots of sexual contact with lots of other men, at literal sex parties.

I am not so naïve as to believe there’s no legal case to be made in the United States for individuals to engage in as many sex parties as they should so choose, however much this might be more typically argued by those with more socially liberal positions than my own.

Yet there is no denying that sex parties are events which, whatever your beliefs about sexual ethics and sexual identity may be, pose an inarguably greater risk to the spread of disease than, say, attending church services.

There is also no explicity constitutional right to attend sex parties. There is, however, not only a constitutional right to attend church services, it is contained in the first constitutional right included in the Bill of Rights, which our Founding Fathers saw fit to clearly define as something the federal government could never interfere with.

But when COVID-19 came along, affecting no specific group but the population as a whole, churches were shut down. Now that monkeypox is here, not only is there little discussion of banning sex parties, it would be considered utter anathema to the progressive religion of sexual identity for anyone to suggest as much.

You don’t have to hold staunch biblical views on homosexuality, as I do, to see that this makes absolutely no sense.

If those who engage in wanton sexual contact as a way of life and identifying ideology — and I don’t see how having 10 partners in a span of three weeks can be anything but a life-consuming passion — then ought they not, at the very least, to be subject to the same restrictions as those who follow the ancient God of the Bible?

Or perhaps, if it is so important that gay men maintain their dubious right to hold reckless sex parties amid a public health crisis that is disproportionately affecting their numbers, we can finally admit that it was outrageously unconstitutional to shutter churches during the early days of COVID-19.

While there have been some mild recommendations from authorities like the World Health Organization that gay men limit their sex partners, as CNBC reported — a radical idea, for sure — there’s been an evident lack of the kind of full-bore government warnings or heavy-handed crackdowns that the country saw regarding religious gathering during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

This glaring double-standard all serves as a rather fitting anecdote for how the aggressive protection of LGBT identities both culturally and civically has been given priority over the rights of many of those who hold traditional religious beliefs about such lifestyles.

It would be one thing if Americans could agree to protect the civil liberties of all Americans equally, addressing public health crises with the same approach regardless of the demographic whose religious services or, um, “hobbies” might be negatively impacted by such measures.

But that’s simply not how this has played out, in the same way that legalizing gay marriage has had the effect of threatening the right of Christians to simply not condone gay marriage in their professional lives, or ensuring certain rights for transgender individuals to gain access to facilities and services reserved for the sex they identify with restricts the rights of members of that sex to a safe, single-sex space.

It is not enough for the progressive leftist establishment that LGBT identities be treated the same as anyone else legally. They demand that legal measures must be taken to ensure we treat LGBT identities the same culturally — or even as superior to traditional values.

And that, no matter what you believe about sexuality, is nothing short of ideological tyranny.

And in the case of monkeypox, that gives the LGBT community de facto legal immunity from the medical tyranny that Christians and liberty-loving Americans have been subject to for almost two years.

So, yet again, we are convinced that none of this has anything to do with either health nor basic civil liberties. It’s always been about control, and it always will be until someone decides to take back control from the anti-American forces behind these social movements.

Author: Isa Cox


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