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White House Counsels Juveniles on Getting Abortions Without Telling Parents

The White House promotion of abortion has been over-the-top in many respects already, including when Joe Biden repeatedly blamed the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe for the fact most people think the nation is going in the wrong direction.

After all, that would require them to ignore massive inflation that has gasoline prices well beyond $100 for a tankful, a massive crisis at the southern border, instability around the globe because of America's failed leadership, a tanking economy, and new threats from both Russia and China.

But now the White House has moved into the extreme category on abortion, offering suggestions on how juveniles can obtain abortions secretly – without their parents knowing.

The Federalist is reporting Biden's administration now is promoting a website that "guides girls under 15 to getting an abortion without their parents’ knowledge or consent."

"On June 25, the day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the White House advertised an online Health and Human Services flier containing a link to, a network that connects women wanting abortions to local facilities that will perform them and provides information on the legality of abortion in their state," the report explained.

Included is a search engine that specifically offers referrals for minors "15 or younger."

There also, according to the report, is a link to a helpline offering a "judicial bypass" for minors to abort their unborn without their parents becoming aware.

"This Judicial Bypass system cuts 14-16-year-olds off from their support systems, isolating them and allowing them to kill their children in utero and put their bodies through the trauma of abortion with no familial protection.," the report explained.

The report explained the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services apparently had prepared its latest abortion promotion in advance of the Dobbs decision, because it "immediately published" its abortion advocacy at "" to distribute "information" about obtaining abortions.

The report said, "This page — which is itself a misnomer since abortion is neither health care nor a right — though branding itself as full-range coverage of the choices available to women, made no reference at all to a woman’s choice to keep her baby and instead pandered almost entirely to abortion-related services. The website also linked to, once again promoting the bypass of parental consent for minors to obtain abortions."

Author: Bob Unruh


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