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Why Is Nobody Talking About This…

Far be it from us to try and ruffle feathers on a Sunday, but the inescapable reality of the events over the last four days continues to nag at us; and in news that should come as a surprise to nobody, reality isn’t being covered by the mainstream media.

The uncomfortable reality of the situation is that the President of the United States - arguably the most powerful man on the planet - has contracted COVID-19 and, for one reason or another, it is serious enough for him to put in a semi-permanent stay at Walter Reed Medical Center.

To say that the sitting President of the United States isn't in a more vulnerable or precarious state than normal would simply be false. Ergo, to some degree, the country is also in a slightly more precarious and vulnerable state, despite numerous well thought out succession plans.

From there, one has to examine exactly how the President of the United States wound up being in a situation where he has been compromised.

As we have reported on this site numerous times (here, here and here), there is a growing mountain of evidence - aside from simply common sense – that COVID-19 may have not have originated from bats; but instead was altered, engineered, or created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (As a reminder, for our efforts in trying to discover the truth - and have civil discourse around one of the biggest issues of our time - we were rewarded by being 'mistakenly' banned from Twitter for months.)

Then there was this "rogue" Chinese virologist who published a paper just weeks ago that contained "smoking gun" evidence that the virus was man made. For her thoughts, she was also promptly kicked off Twitter.

Given this information, the uncomfortable reality may be that there is a greater than zero chance that a Chinese made virus may be in the process of dethroning a sitting US president.

And while the rest of the mainstream media is busy trying to find conflicting reports between Trump's doctors about meaningless minutiae and gleefully detailing succession plans for what would happen if Trump was incapacitated, nobody appears to have the guts, bravery or plain old common sense to examine and question what could be the uncomfortable reality of the situation.

Based on the mainstream media‘s handling of the Wuhan Institute of Virology story, we aren’t especially confident that anybody will ever broach the subject. But at some point in the future, we’re going to look back and it’s going to be crystal clear to us that a Chinese-made virus – or at the very least a virus-born-out-of-China - has nearly incapacitated a sitting US president.

There are tons of conspiracy theories that can run amok from here, none of which we will entertain at this point.

But one great question is whether or not US media is so enamored with communism that they will dispense with the patriotic duty of at least considering this scenario, when it could be one of the most important issues many generations face during their lifetime.

We hope we're wrong about everything.

Author: Tyler Durden


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