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YouTube Bans ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Video – Leaves Up Videos with Death Threats Against Donald Trump

YouTube has begun purging its massive video platform of all video versions of “Let’s Go Brandon.” The Google-owned video service, one of the largest websites in the world, has banned the popular song, censoring rappers such as Bryson Gray, Tyson James and Chandler Crump in the process.

Bryson Gray, who became famous for his viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ rap video, had his video banned by YouTube according to Gray. The excuse that YouTube gave was “medical misinformation.”

Bryson Gray revealed that YouTube banned his video in a tweet.

“I can’t post on YouTube for a week,” Gray said. “If they also ban the music video, I don’t be able to post for two weeks. People can promote music about drugs, sex, gang banging, and murder But I can’t make a song called ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ AND MY APPEAL WAS REJECTED WITHIN 5 MINUTES.” Part of his video can be viewed on Twitter (for now).

Tyson James and Chandler Crump were also featured in Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon!” song. Chandler Crump also noted that the song was banned by YouTube.

“IT JUST HAPPENED! The final copy of the Let’s Go Brandon song previously hosted on my channel has been BANNED!” Crump tweeted. “I now have 2 guidelines strikes and cannot post for 2 weeks.”

Nonetheless, music listeners have been flocking to get the song off of iTunes. Chuck Calliesto noted it reached as high as #4 on the iTunes charts.

“Our clean and cultural Let’s Go Brandon anthem is now #15 on the iTunes charts!” Crump tweeted. “We are less than 100 away from beating Lil Nas X, think we can do it?”

Bryson Gray , who boasts about being the ‘most censored rap artist in America,’ also said that Loza Alexander’s YouTube lyric video of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ was banned by YouTube with the excuse of ‘medical misinformation,’ Newsmax reported.

There have been rumors the Facebook is banning and suppressing “Let’s Go Brandon” references. Although these have not been confirmed, the huge social media platform recently announced that it was updating its terms of service to protect public figures from ‘degrading’ content.

“Under the new, more detailed harassment policy, Facebook will bar content that degrades or sexualizes public figures, including celebrities, elected officials and others in the public eye. Existing policies already prohibit similar content about private individuals,’ KPIC reported.

However, “degrading” material to Donald Trump and conservatives can be found throughout Facebook and YouTube. On YouTube alone, there are numerous implied death threats against Donald Trump made by celebrities with massive audiences.

Snoop Dogg had a Trump figure dress up like a clown and was executed in his video BadBadNotGood.

Marilyn Manson orchestrated a mock beheading of Donald Trump in the preview to his song “Say10.”

Kathy Griffin’s story about her infamous photo holding a bloody faux head of Donald Trump is now being told in a movie that has a trailer on YouTube.

The list of celebrities who have publicly fantasized about violence to Donald Trump is considerable. In addition to Snoop Dogg, Marilyn Manson and Kathy Griffin, there is Robert De Niro, Mickey Rourke, Larry Wilmore, George Lopez, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Moby, Johnny Depp, rapper Big Sean, and members of the group Pearl Jam. It appears that only Kathy Griffin suffered negative ramifications for making an implied threat against the former president.

Meanwhile, in Biden’s America, regular Americans cannot even vent about a president that millions doubt was legitimately elected with a phrase that mocks actual ‘fake news.’

The “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase originated with a NASCAR reporter that was hilariously attempting to hide the crowd’s “F*ck Joe Biden” chants.

The American public raced to their computers to fire off the anti-Biden phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” after the segment.

YouTube banning “Let’s Go Brandon” is nothing more than politically motivated censorship to protect the Biden regime. The only thing that banning “Let’s Go Brandon” can do for YouTube is fuel more negativity against the social media platform and against Joe Biden.

The ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant is here to stay. While YouTube and Facebook can try to ban ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ from their platforms, that is only going to want to make patriotic Americans shout them at sports arenas and music concerts even more.

Author: Kyle Becker

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Sherri Cravens
Sherri Cravens
Oct 25, 2021

Sounds like it's time for it to be Let's go U Tube. Stop using u tube all togethe.

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