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‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Bans Unvaccinated Truckers from Mexico and Canada into the US

Canadian truckers against COVID tyranny blocked the highway entering the US from Canada both ways on Monday following new government rules that banned unvaccinated drivers from crossing the border into the US. One of the trucks had a sign reading, “Mandate Freedom!”

Shelves are bare in the US, manufacturers cannot get parts, businesses are shutting down operations due to shortages. So what does the Biden regime do? They block at least 10% of the truckers from Canada and Mexiceo from entering the United States with their goods.

On Thursday Biden’s Homeland Security announced that truckers from Mexico and Canada will no longer be allowed to enter the US without vaccine passports.

If they were unvaccinated illegal aliens — no problem, come right in.

But since they are unvaccinated truckers bringing products into the US, they are being turned around.

This is Democrat politics at its best. Batsh*t crazy.

Freight Waves reported:

The U.S. will close its borders to unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Canadian and Mexican truck drivers on Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday.
“These updated travel requirements reflect the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to protecting public health while safely facilitating the cross-border trade and travel that is critical to our economy,” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.
The restrictions, which apply to all foreign essential workers, had been expected since U.S. officials announced them in October. They follow a similar rule that took effect at the Canadian border last Saturday.
The border COVID-19 vaccine mandates are coming into force despite pushback from the truck industry. The impact will be felt most acutely for the U.S.-Canada freight market, where around 160,000 truckers regularly cross the border — 75% of whom are Canadian…
…The Canadian Trucking Alliance and American Trucking Alliance have projected that 10%-15% of drivers may leave cross-border trucking as a result of the mandates, and exacerbate existing supply chain issues.

Read the rest here.

Author: Jim Hoft


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