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Truth Comes Out: Capitol Shooting Suspect Was Nation of Islam Follower Obsessed With Louis Farrakhan

Moments ago, the man who rammed his car into the Capitol barrier and charged officers with a knife has been identified as 25-year-old Noah Green, who was a devout follower of the Nation Of Islam.

“EXCLUSIVE: The man who rammed a car into Capitol Police, killing one, has been identified as Noah Green. Green was armed w/a large blade when he was shot dead. He identified as a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam movement,” tweeted journalist Andy Ngo. “FB has immediately deleted his profile,” he added.

“I only had seconds to look at Noah Green’s Facebook page before it was deleted. He was living in Norfolk, Va. From what I saw, many of his posts were of a religious (Islamic) nature. He appeared to be a deeply devout follower of the Nation of Islam & went by the name, “Noah X”” he added.

Ian Mies Cheong was able to screenshot some of Green’s posts. Many of them praised Louis Farrakhan:

Since the suspect does not fit the mainstream media narrative of “white MAGA terrorist”, Facebook has nuked his account:

On March 17th, Green posted this chilling Facebook status update:

Stay tuned to this developing story...

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William Sasman
William Sasman
Apr 03, 2021

Arethis group this man belonged to going to be added to the list as others. Seeing he is not a Trump fan the press has nothing to say.

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