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Ted Cruz Corners Twitter CEO in Fiery Exchange

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was forced to admit that he's not an expert on voter fraud even though his company routinely acts as the "arbiter of truth" when it comes to elections.

"Mr. Dorsey, does voter fraud exist?", Cruz asked

"I don't know for certain," Dorsey responded.

"Are you an expert in other fraud?," Cruz shot back.

"No I'm not," Dorsey admitted.

“Then why is Twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud?” Cruz pressed.

“We’re simply linking to a broader conversation so people have more information,” Dorsey said.

Cruz shot back, saying, “No you're not. You put up a page that says ‘voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States.’ That’s not linking to a broader conversation, that’s taking a disputed policy position. And you’re a publisher when you do that.”

“You can take a policy position, but you don’t get to pretend you’re a publisher and get a special benefit under Section 230 as a result,” Cruz added.

Watch this heated exchange below:

The Texas Senator then proceeded to stump Dorsey entirely by reading his two statements and asking if they would warrant a "label" from Twitter.

Those two statements ended up being taken right out of the Jimmy Carter's commission on election reform.

The two statements were:

“Absentee ballots remain the larger source of potential voter fraud” “Voter fraud is particularly possible where third party candidates and political party activists are involved in handling absentee ballots"

When Cruz told Dorsey that those statements came directly from the Carter-Baker commission on election reform, the Twitter CEO was stumped.

These big tech CEO's are being exposed more and more with each passing day.

Stay tuned for more highlights from this hearing...

Source: Trending Politics: Ted Cruz Corners Jack Dorsey, Gets Him to Admit He's Not a Voter Fraud Expert


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